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Portable Air Conditioners

Air conditioning units that can easily be transported from one place to another are usually called portable air conditioners. These types of A/C units have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. To keep up with the large demand for portable air conditioners, A/C manufacturers are continuously making new versions and upgrading existing models.

There are two kinds of portable air conditioners - the twin pipe units and the single duct units. The split pipe portable air conditioners are the more effective models because as they cool the air in the room, the hot air is continually vented out through a separate tube.

In the single duct portable air conditioners on the other hand, the hot air from outside is brought into the room for cooling so it does not cool the room as quickly nor is it very energy-efficient.

Portable air conditioners are popularly used in spaces where a traditional wall-type A/C cannot be installed, like in an enclosed space or any room where there is no window access such as in apartment buildings.

Most portable air conditioners are used in warehouses, offices and other business establishments. In these places, a permanently installed A/C unit is not very practical especially if the building is just being rented. When you need to move to a different building or room, portable air conditioners are very handy since all you need is to roll it out and install it somewhere else.

Another common use of portable air conditioners is for special events like weddings, graduations or birthday parties. In this case, you don't even need to buy your own portable air conditioners since you will be using them just once a year or even less frequently.

Fortunately, there are several companies that allow you to rent portable air conditioners. There are varying rental rates for portable air conditioners and the actual price will depend mainly on what model you want and how long you wish to rent it.

Some companies let you rent portable air conditioners for as long as a year or even more at a time. But if you are planning to use your portable air conditioners regularly like in an office or even in your home, it is better if you purchase your own unit.

There are small portable air conditioners with 6,000 BTU, and these can cool a 150 square meter room without much effort. There are bigger models that have up to 12,000 BTU for larger areas. You have to take note that there is a higher BTU requirement for portable air conditioners than wall units for cooling rooms of the same size.

Portable air conditioners are heavy-duty machines that do not require a lot of maintenance. Despite their high purchase value, portable air conditioners will prove to be very cost-efficient in the long run. This is especially true for dual-purpose types which can be used all year round as they can cool the air during summer and can be used as a heating system for winter.

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