Portable Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioner

An air conditioner has long become a basic appliance in the household. With global warming hitting us with extreme weather conditions everywhere, it has been a must for an air conditioning device to level out the otherwise intolerable temperature inside the house. One of the major breakthroughs in air conditioning is the portable air conditioner.

A portable air conditioner lives up to its name, which is, being "portable". While you need to knock off a hole across a wall to have your regular air conditioner installed, a portable air conditioner can be installed just about anywhere in your room. With no windowsills to be wrecked, it's a big relief for people who often become frustrated with the idea that they need to patch a hole on a wall when they decide to move the air conditioning unit elsewhere. Being lightweight means this portable air conditioner can easily be moved around, just like your furniture. It may come equipped with wheels, or handles that allows it to be conveniently carried.

You can bring it with you outside when you travel. That means you can experience the same cooling effect anywhere you go with your family, with your portable air conditioner tagging along. In the house, there's no need to have several air conditioning units installed on every room when no one is occupying it all at the same time. Whether you're in the living room, in the dining room, or calling it a day and retiring to your bedroom, the portable air conditioner is always handy.

The portable air conditioner is not only light in terms of weight; it is also light on your pocket. It's relatively cheaper compared to the regular air conditioner. You don't even need to hire a service technician for the installation.

But how does a portable air conditioner match up against the regular a/c? We know that air conditioners come in different types and sizes. There are wall-mounted types and split-types, with varying cooling capacity according to the room area it covers. Higher capacity also means higher power consumption, and therefore translates to higher monthly electric bills. This is where the portable air conditioner presents another advantage. Simply put, it is energy efficient because it doesn't consume as much as regular, non-portable models do. There is even a portable air conditioner model that need not be plugged to the AC outlet because it is equipped with batteries, which further proves its energy efficiency. Because you can place the portable air conditioner everywhere near you, the air cooling performance is more focused, as compared to one that is installed on a wall and would need some considerable power and time to make the entire room cool. Being energy-efficient also makes the portable air conditioner an ally in maintaining a better and healthier environment.

Overall, the portable air conditioner is sure in making its way as part of our daily living. With additional features like remote control, timer-based programming, air filtering and air cleaning functions, it's no wonder that a portable air conditioner would soon become what television sets are now: a common household item.